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Do we really need an app for that???

YES. These stories are in the news daily. Obviously we need to do something to prevent babies from being left in a hot car. Give your baby a voice from the backseat, Download the Precious Cargo App today.

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Think it won't happen to you? Think again!

Most parents believe that they would NEVER be the one to leave their baby in the car, all of the the parents of the children pictured above said the same thing. All it took was ONE distraction, and in that moment their lives were altered forever. It is important to be proactive in keeping your children safe.

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The Precious Cargo App was created in 2013 as a means to an end to Hot Car Deaths in children.   So far in 2014, there have been 17 confirmed deaths of children in the United States alone as a result of  being locked in a hot vehicle.  We are on a crusade to end these senseless tragedies.

Downloading this app ensures that you are taking the appropriate safety precautions to ensure that your child is never the victim of a HOT CAR DEATH.  Visit us on Google Play and on the Apple App Store.

Join our crusade by downloading the app, and let us know you’re standing with us by going to Facebook and clicking “like”.  Follow us on Twitter at @PreciousCargoAp. Let’s take this world-wide.

Precious Cargo App was designed as a safety back-up tool only. It is not a substitute for parental/adult monitoring. Please stay alert when traveling with your Precious Cargo.

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